Why Do I Always Romantically Attract The Wrong People?


I’m Anthony.

I believe charm and social skills are the most important tools you can use to achieve great things in life more than anything else.

“Why do I always romantically attract the wrong people?
Here’s what I’m going through. The type of girls I love don’t seem to care that much about me. The type of girls I won’t imagine myself marrying or being in a relationship with are all over me.

I love independent mature girls who have their own style, weird taste in music, big knowledge, and a certain look (I don’t care THAT much about looks when the other characteristics are available but still … looks kinda matters) I need someone with the same mentality like me so we can have some legit interaction.

What I seem to attract is the total opposite. The girls I usually attract and the one who fall in love with me are always very sweet and sometimes beautiful girls. But they’re just so different than me. I can’t imagine myself spending a whole day with them. I always find myself facing the awkward moment of letting a girl know that I don’t love her in a romantic way after she expresses her feelings to me. It happened tons of times and that’s why I’m here. I think I deserve to be loved by someone I love! Maybe my type of girl is the kind that doesn’t care about relationships that much?

I’m good looking and I have lots of stuff to do and to talk about. It just hurts that I’m attracting average women.”