Chris Pratt: A Case for “The Nice Guy”


I’m Anthony.

I believe charm and social skills are the most important tools you can use to achieve great things in life more than anything else.

What I do when I set out to make these video essays on the world’s most charming men is take a deep dive into who they are and return with a new perspective on this famous person.

So this week was Chris Pratt’s turn. And well… umm.. err… I got nothin’.

There’s nothing particularly interesting or novel about Chris Pratt. Really, there’s not.

He’s not some method actor with a dark side, or a complicated ladykiller, or whatever. For most guys watching this video, you can move on now. If you’re looking for some sort of secret to charm here, you’re not going to find it.

That’s because Chris Pratt is just a good Christian boy who loves his family and is really talented at comedic acting. And most of you are here to run as fast as you can away from the dredging reality that most of being attractive is about:

a. Being a really just genuinely lovable, good, good person.
b. Being talented and hardworking.
c. Being really good looking — or at least mildly hunky.

You don’t want to admit those things to yourself. Maybe you’ve become jaded because you never found success being the ‘nice guy’. The girl you fell in love with overlooked your big heart for the asshole jock in college. So now you take a daily red pill and had the revelation that life isn’t candy and gumdrops.

But more than anyone else I’ve ever seen, I can tell that Chris just actually cares for every person in the room. You can tell that even when he’s tired he’s still just genuinely blown away that this is his life. And he mentions it in a lot of his interviews.

I’m sure a lot of you can spot the type of celebrity who puts on the nice guy face when the cameras are around, but then does the whole locker room bro talk when nobody’s looking. But Pratt looks like he’s just as humble and appreciative and non-shit-talking around his closest friends as he is when he’s on Ellen.

To me, Chris Pratt is the perfect movie star. He’s good-looking, insanely nice yet still manly, funny and thoughtful in every interview, and just a great actor.

Even in this TMZ clip where some paparazzi were dicks to him, you can see Chris get genuinely pissed and yet his demeanor still feels like a sweetie.

I even looked back at interviews from five or six years ago, before movie star status wasn’t even a realistic thought in his mind.

Actually, I changed my mind. This video is not for the nice guys of the world. You guys gotta grow a pair of balls. This video is actually directed towards those red pill sociopaths that I love sooo much. Because I know somewhere underneath all that pissed-off, tough-guy facade, there’s a really sad, scarred college kid. But even further underneath that is the nice guy that just wants a cute girlfriend that he can fall in love with. I know you’re still underneath all that machismo, red piller. I know you’re already too deep into the Jordan Peterson worldview—but I’m going to try to reach you anyway. By the way, does that guy ever smile? Like ever?

There is an entire world of really, super-duper nice guys out there. I’m talking about nice as fuck. And by nice, I don’t mean trying to buy sex and validation with your niceness kind of nice guy. I mean a genuinely caring, thoughtful, fun-loving, engaging, friendly, selfless, humble, hardworking, passionate nice guy who has absolutely zero percent power-hungry. Zero percent alpha male focused, never trying to control or manipulate. Just a mother-fucking good person. There is a whole world of nice guys like that out there who are happily dating or married to their dream women. No power-struggles involved.

These guys work hard, are talented go-getters, they appreciate the fuck out of every opportunity and situation they’re in, and oh yeah—they don’t eat like slobs and they actually go to the gym to keep themselves healthy and focus on making others happy instead of feeling vindictive and jealous.

These attractive, charming “nice guys” never, ever feel that the world owes them a damn thing. And because of that, it’s communicated out to the world and the world happily gives back.

And Chris Pratt leads this army of nice guys into the most fulfilling, rewarding lives anyone’s ever seen.

I mean, of course you can opt for being a cutthroat cocksucker who benefits from fucking people over and doing things only for himself. That works too. No biggie. But honestly, does that sound like… fun? Are you really happy when life is focused on being the top dog and squashing the competition at every chance you get? You chat with those people and you can see the emptiness underneath. There’s nothing there anymore.

So even if you did “make it” by means of red-pill philosophy, how happy are you really? Because buddy, you’re not fucking Neo. There is no Neo. There is only this world. And the values you were raised with? They might have some gosh-darn merit. Sure, not all of it. But being a genuinely caring, selfless, humble charmer is never going to go out of style and is always universally loved.

Also, if you are still adamant that women like assholes, then you’re right. Superficial, conniving hot women like assholes. And loving, thoughtful hotties love nice guys. Always remember my dude: Like attracts like. Shit attracts shit. Happy attracts happy. Attractive attracts attractive. Happy and attractive attracts… alright you get it.

The Nice Guy. It’s only the bravest of men who are daring enough to risk that title. You’re not smarter than “nice guys”. It’s the veil that’s been draped over your own eyes. Because if you look at the people who are teaching you these philosophies, can you tell if they are happy? I mean really happy. I’m talking laughing, joyful, smiley, etc. Not angry, cynical, and belittling all the time. Cuz I promise you, that shit eats at you man.

And if you need someone to talk to about this, I’m here for ya. I’ll help through anything you need.

Who’s happier? The red pill psycho that “knows the truth” but has never laughed a day in his life and is just angry all the time, or the blue pill guy who leverages what he’s been given and becomes full of joy in the process?

Instead of finishing this video off in a clever way, I just want to end it with a clip from one of Chris’ interviews. I want you to see how Chris has stayed the exact same guy on the inside even from the start. You can tell he’s never once sliced someone’s throat to get where he is. If anything, he’s probably gained more success from lifting others up.