I’m Anthony.

I believe charm and social skills are the most important tools you can use to achieve great things in life more than anything else.

QUESTION: “I understand what you say by appreciation and observing but lately after ending it with my girlfriend in november and coming out of that relationship I have found it really hard to. I always used to be genuinely interested in people, but lately I can no longer bother with people and have become quite cynical. yeah like before getting into a relationship with her i was always interested in people showed great enthusiasm in them and getting to know them. but during our relationship i was completely destroyed as i feel i was always shot down for being myself and being genuine and showing that love and affection to her and it being worthless to her, with the love never being reciprocated. so i ended it, but ever since i find it hard to be that person i was before, and i dont know why, maybe i feel that there is no point in being that way if its gonna end badly for me is the best i have managed to come up with as an answer, but ultimately i dont really know so i feel its because of what i went through. and i think i also find it hard being myself with people because of it. i exercise when i can but its less than i used to. socially i go out quite often with the groups of friends i have, but even then these problems have come about even with these people even my close friends, when it wasnt the case before. in terms of dates havent been on any since i broke up with her or met new girls in particular. other things that i can think of are that we were friends for three years prior, she was truly toxic for me always preventing me from being myself which is strange as she was completely differnet when we were friends and in regards to your health question i also sleep a lot less. i guess ultimately and i know this sounds cheesy as fuck but i feel i have lost myself and simply want to rediscover who i was.”


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