Permanently ending anxiety around beautiful women.

Part I


  • The Weirdest Version of Ourselves
  • A Method Ten Years In The Making

Part II

There Is No Approach

  • Unbrainwashing Your Idea of “The Approach”
  • Lightning-Fast Enlightenment
  • Diving Into Appreciation
  • The Impenetrable Purpose
  • Teleport > Approach

Part III

Humanizing Women

  • I Want To Be In “The Friend Zone”

Part IV

Put It Into Practice

  • Think About This ALL THE TIME
  • Wrapping It All Up

“I had such a f*cked-up view on how society told me to see women. Fearkiller literally lifted the spell. Hotties ship me hard now.”

valentino lopez


“Throughout all of my years, I have never met a man, no matter how charming, that was not scared. The men who go where others fear to tread are simply well-equipped with high-level confidence skills.

FEARKILLER was specifically made with those skills and mindsets at the forefront.”

Anthony Recenello


pay homage now and forever to the eternal spirit known as

I don’t give a f***.