How Much Of This Is Really A Numbers Game?


I’m Anthony.

I believe charm and social skills are the most important tools you can use to achieve great things in life more than anything else.

QUESTION: “How much of this is really a numbers game? I feel like I’m approaching women in the wrong demographic. I’m 23 5’8 166 lbs and total over 1,100 in the gym. Physically I’m above average. I drive a Benz and I have a motorcycle. I have great clothes and good game. I don’t hesitate when it comes to escalating and when I # close I know how to handle myself if I set up a “date”. I’m in the marines though and because of this I feel like the college girls around my age avoid me like the plague. I’ll approach at bars and as soon as I tell them I’m not affiliated with the school bam I’m out despite the fact that I portray more value then many of my college male counterparts. What gives? I rarely see social dynamics truely discussed here. I feel like college vs post college game is totally different.”


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