I’m Anthony.

I believe charm and social skills are the most important tools you can use to achieve great things in life more than anything else.

David Dobrik is the world’s sexiest heartthrob and has more than 15 million subscribers on Youtube. Everyone wants to be his best friend including me, and he just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. But what makes this 20-something, average-looking Youtuber so searingly hot to women? And how can you learn to harness his magic sauce? Learn everything on this episode of Classic Charm.

Here’s the first thing I want to get out the way. NO. It’s not because of his popularity or money. Most of you watching this already know this. There are a bunch of other Youtuber’s his age with more subs and money and you don’t see them getting Teen Choice Award type stuff, getting invited on TV shows, and making actual real friendships with celebrities like he does. It’s very clear, and you don’t have to debate this—David is different.

Chances are this is your first time on my channel, since I only have like 8k subscribers I know that. I’ve been a dating and social skills expert since 2005. Yup more than 15 years mothatrucka. And what has always fascinated me is the enigmatic personality trait known as charm. Most people don’t have it. Some do. But you know it when you see it. I’m here to figure it out for you. So I don’t care about how David only posts 4 minute videos or has the best merch. That doesn’t interest me. What interests me is why he’s been named the Sexiest Heartthrob by People magazine and why every attractive girl is attracted to him despite the fact that he doesn’t look like a Harry or a Tim-Tim.

So what’s the first big thing that I think makes David stick out from everyone else? If you are some sort of entertainer, an influencer, an actor, a musician, whatever—you are likely obsessed with being cool. Cool is the ultimate thing to be for most entertainment-brained people. Dress with the coolest, newest clothes. Buy the newest tech. Hook-up with the hottest girls you possibly can. Eat at the top restaurants. Get drunk at the hottest nightclubs. Go on the most enviable vacations. David Dobrik literally cares about none of that. He cares so little I think it goes below zero care. It goes into the negative numbers. David explicitly does not eat fancy food (he actually just eats the same cheap meal every day), he doesn’t drink alcohol, he wears literally the same clothes, he films his vlogs with the same old camera he’s had for years (without a fancy microphone, mind you), and he doesn’t try flirting with hot women. In fact, he does the opposite. When most guys are around cute girls, they will do whatever they can to try to look cool in front of them. But David does what I’ve been teaching my students for years. What does he do? He does—nothing. He treats hot women just as though they were part of the gang. He treats them like all his other friends. This one thing is what short circuits pretty women’s brains. They are expecting some form of flirting—even maybe some sort of anti-flirting. But with David, women literally are just confused at how he doesn’t give a fucking shite if they find him attractive or not. And what happens when you treat women like you would your best friend? Suddenly her walls drop. She turns into her real self with you. And she sees your actual real self. And then it’s just two people standing metaphorically naked in front of each other. And there’s nothing left to do in that situation except have metaphorical S-E-X. Or you can have real sex, doesn’t matter to me.

Because guys don’t realize that the real version of cool that women actually like is the one where you don’t give one flying pig fuck about being cool. So then what does David actually care about? I mean, this should be pretty obvious. He likes having fun with his friends.

David knows that looking cool or attractive or valuable to others has nothing to with having fun in life. It’s also why it may sometimes look like he doesn’t even get attracted to anyone. I disagree. Are you ready for some deep stuff? Usually, when you see a hot girl walking past you or on instagram or whatever, you think you’re attracted to that girl. I have weird news for you. You’re not. What’s really happening is you see someone that you think is highly valued by society, and you know that if you just had that someone then you’d be admired and envied. You ever feel that tight squeeze in your chest when you see someone like that? Yup, that’s not sexual attraction. That’s something called desperation—and it has very little to do with sex. You think it’s attraction because it has to do with a good looking person and you feel strongly about it. But attraction is a literal word. When you are attracted to someone, you actually feeling a pull towards them. You feel really, really good on the inside. And you don’t feel anxious about the situation. You just want to keep getting closer to that person, physically *and* emotionally. And this can only happen when you’re in front of the person, interacting with them, feeling each other real hard. It’s why David says he’s really picky when it comes to dating. David’s not any more picky than the next guy. It’s just that David isn’t desperate, so when he feels attraction, he’s actually really feeling attracted. Why do you think he dated Liza? It’s obvious how well they both connect on so many levels. Look at how they are when they’re together. Look at how genuinely giddy they both are. Look at how close in proximity they are. THAT is what attraction looks like. And attraction between a man and a woman can only happen when both of them are being real as fuck with each other.

Ok well how do you not care about being cool or having other men see how valuable you are by ‘having’ a valuable girl? Well first, realize that it has literally zero contribution to your happiness. David understands this. Looking cool doesn’t make you laugh-your-ass-off-at-every-little-thing-that-happens level happy. Well what does make you David Dobrik-level happy? Hmm… how about Step 1: Finding people that share your interests, in Dave’s case that’s comedy and filmmaking. Step 2: Have a ton of fun with those people. Step 3: Show those people that you care about them. No—I mean like REALLY show them you care about them. Step 4: Grow with those people professionally and personally.

That’s it. I just gave you the formula to happiness. You worried about dating? Don’t. If you just follow that formula and stop trying to look so fucking cool you will guaranteed find people you are wildly attracted to that want to do disgusting things with your body—and they won’t even make you pay for it.

Okay that’s it. I was gonna teach you a lot of other stuff about David and how he’s so attractive to chicks but I went way over my time today. Who knows if anyone’s gonna like this anyway? Here’s a deal—if you guys can get this to over 100 thousand views then I’ll make a part two. If that goes over 100k ill make a part three. You get the idea.