Soulmate Mentorship


Soulmate Mentorship

The Mentorship

There is nothing more personal, intense, and results-oriented than the Soulmate Mentorship, of which Anthony Recenello has been molding and refining since 2007. Taken in-person or virtually, it is made to provide drastic changes to one’s dating life and social skills for the long-term.

Can you imagine the ability to easily create chemistry with all of the right people? This is the lifestyle that alumni from Anthony Recenello’s mentorship program experience every day.

Meeting the women you really want should be easy, not a challenge (and definitely not a game).

2017 Testimonial — Jackson, 36, Data Engineer

Who It’s For

Who It’s For

Past alumni include an Emmy award-winning producer, the Editor-in-Chief of one of the top magazines in the world, Facebook employees, entrepreneurs, programmers, artists and entertainers, financiers and investors, and everyone in between.

Because of its highly-personalized format, the mentorship is made for the most advanced and the most novice of men. Although the philosophy and teachings are exactly the same, the skill-sets, practices, and process is always different.

Anthony has worked with so many different types of men, and has experienced so much himself that there is close to no type of personality and skill level with which he is unfamiliar.

“You spend money on a lot of stuff and it doesn’t make you happy. This is the best investment, because it’s an investment in the self.”

—The New York Times

How It Works

How It Works

Weekly classes consist of specific exercises and new mindsets, followed by actionable homework for you to complete in the week throughout.

Anthony Recenello is on-call 24/7 (text message, phonecall, Facetime, or email) regarding your objectives and refining your understanding of what you’ve learned in the most recent lesson.

This is an “anytime, anywhere, for any reason” support system. Anthony will be there at all times guiding you every step of the way and in the perfect direction for inevitable success.

“Is The Mentorship worth it?”

Jake, Alumnus of The Mentorship

“Should you take The Mentorship?”

Chris, Alumnus of The Mentorship

How To Apply

How To Apply

Anthony can only afford to take on 12-15 proteges each year and looks for men with the most potential for growth.

To be considered for mentorship, click below to fill out an application and schedule an interview below.

Wingman for Hire

by John Leland, excerpt from The New York Times, May 16, 2014

Mr. Recenello said he wants to nurture “the new charming gentlemen. It used to be guys like Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra, who had charm and weren’t disrespectful to women. And taking away this idea that in order to be attractive to a female you have to be some type of arrogant, disrespectful man. It’s about appreciating women and bringing them up, not bringing them down.”

A letter to those who may be interested—

First and foremost, I believe you are enough. I have no tricks or lines for you. Over the past twelve years, I’ve become the best at getting people to reveal the real person on the inside that may be dormant. Then, I teach you to refine the person. Then, I help you pinpoint and find the type of people in which you’re interested. Finally, you get to meet those people. Because I’m so good at the basics, so damned good, you don’t need anything other than the personality you already have sitting with you right now.

There is absolutely nothing that is as powerful as the Soulmate Method in regards to dating, learning a bit of natural charm, and forming new relationships⏤intimate, friendly, or in business. I know there are videos on the internet with ridiculous people who may be giving you ridiculous advice that feels weird to you. It doesn’t feel like you. I know this. I know how to take simplistic teachings and concentrate them where you will be only learning the core of charm and people skills.

For now, decide if you’re ready for the Soulmate Mentorship and schedule an interview. Perhaps we’ll find time to work together.

And remember, you are enough.

Anthony Recenello