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  • How to set-up your dating profile to attract the right people.
  • The stress-free method to bring someone from in-ternet to in-person.
  • Convo skills that make texting easy-peasy instead of an eternal enigma.
  • What to do on a first date to bring the relationship to the next level.

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“My confidence is at a place where it’s never been. I’m comfortable being myself around women and people in general, which is incredible because I really haven’t experienced that in—forever.”

valentino lopez


Zee Outline

6.5 hours of footage



  • Taking the right photos
  • What to put in your bio
  • How to attract optimal matches
  • Analyzing your profiles



  • Learning “The 6-Line Rule”
  • An easy messaging method
  • Quickly transitioning to a date
  • Preventing flakes w/ one simple fix


First Date

  • How to build chemistry and rapport
  • How to create a relaxed romantic vibe
  • Taking the interaction to the next level
  • Knowing what NOT to say!

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