Episode 006: The Lion King Text

In this episode, Ian and Anthony reach new levels of absurdity. Ian pens a hail-mary Bumble response that might just set off some Disney nostalgia, and Anthony returns to his mind palace with added thought narration by...

Episode 004: Please Turn Up The Volume

Ian does an outstanding job of accurately portraying a bored woman who is getting texts from a male suitor. Anthony drops a bomb of advice at the end.

Episode 003: Mexican Lady

This week, Ian teases Anthony so hard that he begins to wonder if he really is actually a good person. Anthony takes a turn at “slamming” the texts while Ian provides insightful advice.

Episode 002: Ponzu Sauce

Ian and Anthony figure out that Matthew McConaughey is the perfect excuse for being lazy, and Ian raps one of the most graphic and sexual songs on the planet.

Episode 001: Spiritual Healer

In this first episode, Anthony and Ian help out two very desperate guys with two very desperate ploys. One involves an MRI machine and the other involves spiritual healing.